The 420Nurses is a Marketing Company By women , serving many industries . Our services range from Promotional Modeling services, online promotions, Print distribution, Social Networking and Activist  . Together we bring exposure and awareness of other related Businesses, Models, Products and services.

The  www.420Nurses.com site is FREE to Join for everyone 18+ .  The 420nurses is A History in the making of young motivated, beautiful women 18+  , leading to become a dazzle and guide to the next generation of Leaders, Our Social website brings the opportunity to you, but it also brings YOU to the opportunity. The 420Nurses team, that’s us, came up with this idea because we are in the entertainment industry, and to be blunt, WE NEEDED JOBS and we want to Bring GREEN JOBS Back home,  After spending countless hours on others sites , wherever we might land some work, we realized that wasn’t bringing in the exposure , and quite frankly we NEED a solid networking platform to advance our careers. Here you will find a positive community ,safe hiring and networking website aimed at Businesses, models, photographers, picture editors, hair stylists, make-up artists, managers, bookers, volunteers, activist and basically everyone involved in the entertainment industry. For the first time, 420Nurses fills the need for a cool, addicting, and easy to use site that puts the power back in the artist’s hands. You actually have the opportunity to do something and to make money, and feel secure with our hiring platform.

The 420Nurses was Born 2009 in Hollywood, Los Angeles California by a group of young motivated women looking for a home where we can be ourselves with other positive influences bringing only the best !! The website was launched right after in February 2010 which Instantly Became More then a Brand it is now a Movement for Women who are striving to Network at a larger scale. By working collectively as a group we get modeling gigs , being part of events and by working under one brand that is the fastest 420 recognized modeling brand. This can put you ahead of the competition and get you to your goals faster. The 420Nurses is an Open Agency by helping each other out in getting jobs. Being part of the 420nurses is a privilege that can expedite any girl’s dream of being a model, Photographer, Makeup Artist .

How to become a 420Nurses
1. Purchase Intern Starter Kit

2. Females 18+ SIGN UP NOW!! ( your Profile is your Portfolio )
Attend company Events, Meetings, PROMOTE yourself with 420nurses

3. Active Online member New Pictures, Blogs, Events, Friends n more!!
420Nurses will review you and your profile and determine who will be the Next Official 420Nurse /Intern  (Process will vary on your participation)

Benefits in becoming a 420Nurse Model
1. 420Nurse Gift Package

2. We will feature your Profile on the Site and promote you!

3. You will be used in all of our 420Nurses Promotions such
as Magazines, Photo shoots, stickers, postcards & Much much more!!

4. You will be also placed on the top of our list for Promotional Modeling Gigs

What does the INTERN KIT Include? These Intern KITS are almost at COST!!! In order to Promote you Must have your Gear and your business cards  Going out in 420Nurses gear is EYE Catching to ALL You can get 420 Business Sponsors to pay for the KIT we will help you with that.    

 Own a Business in CALI 420Nurses.com  Promote and drive traffic to your business. More California business owners are joining 420Nurses.com. Its FREE to join!

Our Differences 420Nurses uses there own roster of models that come with a high following to assure you will be promoted to our users. We will Promote for you before, During and After because we care about your business.This allows us to maintain extremely high standards for our people and ensures our clients are well represented.

Services We as a company can offer anything in the promotional department from Street Team Promotions and/or Online Marketing and Advertising Services. Set up your FREE Casting Calls, Business Listings today - Go here for more info  http://420nurses.com/usertype/models/

Our company can take your Business and market the service with today's trends. 420Nurse Models provides a full range of promotional Models with great fan following, great following on social networks and offer Promotional modeling services for your business, including but not limited Photoshoot's, Print Promotions as well as Online, trade show models, commercial-fashion-Promotional Modeling . Whether you're looking to staff a large event, Need online Banner promotion, Need trade show support, or want models for print, runway, or video, we can provide the people you are looking for. Here are some services we frequently conduct. Your wish is our Command.

• Bilingual Staffing
•Online Banners
• Photoshoot's
• Entertainment Marketing
• Event Management
• Experiential Marketing
• Food & Beverage Promotions
• Host for VIP Events
• In-Store Demonstrations
• Mall & Retail Marketing
• Mobile Marketing Tours
• On-Campus Marketing
• Night Club/Bar Promotions
• Product Sampling
• Sports Marketing Promotions
• Stunt Marketing Activities Please select a service category below and email us! Free Quote~!

The 420Nurses is Always Looking for Sponsors and Investors.
 Events & Promotions Conventions & Trade Shows Commercial & Fashion