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Lives in Bakersfield, California, United States Born on October 24
by on December 2, 2016
I finally got down early enough for a photoshoot before a sesh thanks to @moganjaprease we also added a new intern @dabbalisasmiles Im looking forward to trying all the different things the vendors have brought to the sesh tonight I hope to see so many more nurses tonight and to meet new people its gonna be a very fun very stoned night cant wait (will go back and add photos to this blog just havent had a chance to edit and if i dont right this now i will forget )
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by on November 27, 2015
Happy Turkey Day. I'm Thankful for My family, The people I've meet and now call my friends , And all the amazing things I've experienced so far this year.This year has gone by so fast.I've been knocked back a few times but always came back stronger and wiser. Meet some very good and bad people, some I see as very close and loved friends. Worked and attended amazing events. Had a new and unexpected addition to my family.I hope everyone had a great day. That you guys got to eat with loved ones I a...
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by on October 2, 2015
I am so sorry I havent been able to upload as much as I want guys but it is because Me and my Life Partner have been planning something big. Its called "The Danktuary" The Danktuary is an idea. A dream really. Our dream. We want the Danktuary to be an all-inclusive, weekend-long, marijuana experience.Focusing on being a safe haven for couples(or just friends) who want to enjoy their vacation (and their hard earned money) on a "higher" level. We want to feature a few miles of walking paths, w...
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by on October 1, 2015
So I keep seeing how chicks are complaining that they don't get jobs, their photos aren't promoted, that 420nurses are sluts and make the cannabis community look bad. That shit makes me mad. first off : I am sorry but 420Nurses don't only support skinny girls, you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to be a Nurse or to be featured. I know alot of BBW 420Nurses who get featured. Saying how 420Nurses steal ..... i'm sorry I don't steal, and I haven't been stolen from by any other nurse. Not li...
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by on September 30, 2015
October 3-4 Is the first XO Gold Cup =^_^= I am super excited for it. I remember the first big event i went to and how amazing and fun it was. so i cant wait to gain new experiences I want to work the event so bad ! It was so fun helping at the last big event I went to and I want to do it again. Its fun meeting all the different people at the events, and helping set up when needed because how easy you can get stressed trying to get stuff together . plus i don't mind running around and help...
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by on September 14, 2015
Why I stay active with 420Nurses? When I think about it its simple.I stay active because I like knowing what's going on in the cannabis community. I stay active because I love meeting new interns and 420Nurses. I stay active because its worth staying active. Its worth trying to further my 420Nurses career. To meet all these amazing extract artists, photographers, and cannacooks.I've been lacking in the activity lately due to a new addition to my cute little family BUT I plan on coming back full ...
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by on April 28, 2015
Its a way some people are making wax nowadaze BUT When I looked it up after my friend Seth told me about it I found this : Rosin is an ingredient in printing inks, photocopying and laser printing paper, varnishes, adhesives (glues), soap, paper sizing, soda, soldering fluxes, and sealing wax. Rosin can be used as a glazing agent in medicines and chewing gum. The Rosin I was looking for was not this but further investigation got me to find that I guess its making wax with steam and heat. Man...
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by on April 21, 2015
So, I've been getting better at this but as always when typing I start thinking faster then I can type so if it starts looking like I'm rambling its because I mentally lost track and I am totally rambling What I think 4-20 means to me: Well for a start to me its a type of family, I've noticed how much stoners stand up for each other. They are always there to smoke a bowl or do a dab with you when your down. And once you make a stoner buddie ...... that persons your buddie It makes me thin...
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by on April 9, 2015
So I Finally experienced a Hightimes Cannabis cup this year, And when I was there I was able to help at the Vader booth and go around helping ChaCha and Summer. And I loved it. I'm hoping to be able to experience it again I Liked Meeting new girls and telling them about being a 420Nurse, Talking to venders at booths, Helping take photos, and signing up people for banners It was a all around amazing experience. When it came to Helping out the booths it was fun Dabbing people with the tasty ...
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by on March 28, 2015
So last night I went to this rave called Catnip. It was one that I had waited for..... for the past couple months ..... But sadly it was a bit of a disappointment. The Gogos didn't even stay the whole night. And at the most here was maybe 75 people ..... I remember when the rave scene in Bakersfield was the shit, the events where always packed and the tickets sold out quick. But what I can say is that the lasers and lights where so awesome the music was really good except it was happy hardcor...
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by on March 16, 2015
So I try to think of what to blog about. i'm not very good at thinking of these. Half the time I feel like im rambling or not making sense. But im slowly getting the hang of it. it gets easier as it goes the more I get used to it with help from the amazing chacha and summer rain. if it wasn't for them I would be so lost on what to do
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by on March 11, 2015
So Today I was able to get into the headquarters and meet the lovely Virgo Kush, Work on my Photos and videos, Get some blogs done, And meet some new girls. I don't always get to get down to headquarters as much as I want to so when I do its always a great time The meeting was informational especially when it comes to my affiliate program ChaCha and Summer are so awesome helping us figure it all out Sadly I didn't get to stay for the whole meeting But I plan on getting to more when I finally...
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