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Female Born on February 10
by on February 20, 2021
420 Nurses has been a great thing in my life. It has started to bring me really out of my zone.  I have started to grow within my self.  In my old age learning to love myself  more and don't let anyone get me down or get in my way.  I'm learning to be a boss babe from this lovely ladies.  Thank to my girls for supporting me. im 420 nurses life now with my tattoo. love all of u. 
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by on January 27, 2021
I have been think abt this alot. I have so many goals. 1st off  just to learn to love my self so much more and know how much I'm worth.  2nd is to be more confidence  in my self. 3 is to live life to the fullest.  4 to  show my face around  to be more open. to take more picture.  talk to more people. just all around me more out my shell. 5. make it to an official intern. learn all I can maybe start my own store doing something I love.   this can all be done. I just have to do it and not let m...
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by on January 16, 2021
doing alot of thinking this  days.    what to do and where to go from now.    I have been kind of at a stand still in life. But I finding myself a little more this days. and so I will be back to my same dont give a fudge and do what I have to do to be a bad b again and not let anything get in my way again.   
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by on January 4, 2021
I guess doing all this over time at work. Working 2 and half weeks straight. No days off and even a couple of days double shift. I deserve a little bit on me. So bought all this at 420 Nurses Boutique.  Always great to hang out with the girls and everyone  who stop by the Boutique.  I need to start doing alot more for me.  Its. New Year and its all abt to change this year. Im going to make it all my year. I hope everyone else is good.   
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by on November 25, 2020
it sucks not always getting to do what u want. but im always trying to show love to all my 420 nurses. this girls are all the best.   sending everyone hugs. 
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by on October 16, 2020
getting ready to head out to help out at hemp sesh. can't wait to see u all there 
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by on October 2, 2020
hope everyone has a happy Friday.  trying to get all the my things done today before HempSesh tonight. Hope to see u all out there.
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by on October 1, 2020
Hope everyone's  having a great week so far. Looking to see everyone at hempsesh tomorrow 
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by on September 21, 2020
Stay positive everyone
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by on September 21, 2020
Happy Monday everyone.  hope everyone has a great week.  happy to be here  with this great group of women.   
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by on September 19, 2020
Hemp Sesh. New Name New location. Same great atmosphere. Where u can always hang out get  what u need. Listen to great music. and have a great time. Can't wait to met more of you and learn more.  plus maybe learn to take great photos 
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