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by on April 12, 2012
Ahhh the boys killed it at the show.. but they chose the wrong place to have the concert.. that and since it was an all age show they were so fucken strict.. it was super lame.. because i came well prepared with 3 blunts and 7 joints hahha.. but as soon as i took ONE PUFF from my blunt.. the security guard took a FULL BLUNT out of my hand and thew it on the ground and even stepped on it! Every time someone tried to light on up here comes the fucken bright lights. This faggot in front of me kept ...
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by on November 11, 2011
I was bummed the meeting didn't go on. But i will be planning another very soon! Ladies me and J Daze are in the process of planning our first actual big fundraiser. We will be renting (for the price of $250!) a spot were they actually hold the Seattle farmers markets. Right now we are looking for a doctor that will write out prescriptions for cheap and give a profit to the 420nurses fund. ALSO once we do finalize a date we will be passing out a shit ton of flyers to as many co-ops as we can! At...
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by on November 14, 2011
Theres only so much i can do for you ladies. Please make a little effort too! MEETING THIS FRIDAY 7-9PM TACOMA WA. Bring what you can to share! Smoke, munchies, soda.. whatever! lets have fun & get shit done! xoxo Sylvia
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by on September 24, 2011
I've been talking to a few co-ops who would like to do a photo shoot with the 420nurses, got a beautiful garden that needs some more models. I know some beautiful stona chickas who are going to join as well. got a girl whos bomb diggity with the hair & makeup. So please girls DONT BE SHY! i dont bite.. hard. haha jk.. but really im ready to meet a group of stona sistas like myself! so lets do it! .. please?
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by on September 22, 2011
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by on November 7, 2011
First of all... Cha Cha you kick ass & i am so so grateful for all the help you have been providing me with, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. Second, Miss Metal: my partner in crime. my 420sister. thank you so much for all of your help girl. i couldnt thank you enough for all you do for me and all the 420interns. your amazing! Finally; Yesterday was amazing!!! i had so much fun going to many different co-ops, farmers market and then ending the day seeing old and new interns at ...
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by on December 3, 2011
last time i posted a link it didnt work..http://informant.kalwnews.org/2011/12/whatll-happen-to-californias-medical-marijuana-dispensaries/ its always good to keep up whats going on .. but this will never stop the 420nurses
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by on November 25, 2011
The 420nurses are more then a brand, its a movement. My Washington 420nurses/interns! It's time to make the movement of the 420nurses loud and clear! Ive come to realize that everyone's schedule is so different, and I apologize ahead of time if you arnt able to make it to the next meeting..which will be very very soon because We got a fundraiser to plan! I wanted it either before the new year or right after. But I want to make it as big as possible. Found a doctor that will attend to write out ...
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by on January 11, 2012
if you look to the right you will see upcoming events. check out whats happening on saturday my lovely washington ladies!LETS GO OUT TO PLAYYYY!
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by on November 9, 2011
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by on November 5, 2011
Truth be told my ladies I have not seen a whole lot of interaction on here, nor have any of you ladies been keeping contact with me or miss.metal..which kind of bums me out. I'm not even sure how many are accounted for for the shoot tomorrow! So tomorrow instead of me and miss.metal wasting our whole day helping with hair/makeup/wardrobe.. we will be hitting up as many Mmj co ops as we can. We will meet up at the location an hour before the photographer arrives and we will help with your "finish...
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by on November 21, 2011
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ganja and the 420nurses/420community my goal is to make the 420nurses shine here in Washington. Cha Cha does a fucken amazing job doing her thing over in Cali. I LOVEEE it ! I cant wait for washington to get there one day. .. well here i am high ranting.. isnt anything new . My mans proud of how hard ive been working that he thought he would help me out by getting me a new laptop! HOLLAAAA!! cant wait to do some videos with my loves over here. ITS GOING TO TAKE HARD WORK. ...
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