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by on September 24, 2020
Hey ya'll! I cant beleive we got to move to such an amazing place! We've got the best view in town and I really hope you guys join us for Hemp Sesh! We are going to have live performances and fun contests! Ill be working the stoner cafe, make sure you come say high!
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by on August 23, 2020
At the chapter meeting having a blast! I love all my girls so much they can turn any bad week into a great month real fast! I love learning new ways to network and this meeting has taught me so much already! 
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by on August 23, 2020
I hope to see you all at the chapter meeting today! I love chapter meetings because every one we get to learn how we can grow as a person and grow and a unit 420 nurses is where it's atߒհߒ
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by on August 13, 2020
Took a few pictures about a week or so ago! I love how they came out! My whole life I've been struggling with accepting myself and my body. Since I joined 420 nurses  it has helped build my confidence and has helped me become a stronger and better personߒ
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by on July 27, 2020
I became an intern because I love being surrounded by like minded people that want to have fun, motivate each other and sesh! 420nurses is like being in a sisterhood! Everyone is supportive and lends a hand when needed! I can't think of a better group of girls I want to grow and thrive with! 
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by on July 18, 2020
Tonight was such a great night! This is why I love being involved with #420nurses. I made a great new friend and met some awesome people and hopeful business partners! I had a blast and I have gotta thank @chachavavoom for being the amazing woman she is! She's helped me so much in my journey and I can't thank her enoughߒհߒ
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by on June 3, 2020
Today is a pretty good day so far, I'm helping out at the boutique right now, and later I'm going to spend some time with my dad for his birthday! We're gonna go swimming and I'm gonna grill up some grub! 
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by on May 14, 2020
I am so excited to join the 420 nurse interns! I feel like I am going to make many friendships and I can't wait! The 420 nurses have not only welcomed me with open arms but have been extremely supportive and made me feel better about myself! 
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