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Female Born on September 30
by on September 5, 2020
Last night was a amazing experience I got to meet new people like Legal Lean, got to see amazing friends like Chef Dabs, even got to experience all the achievements that the cannabis community received. It was a truly amazing experience and I'm beyond honored we where able to make it. I definitely recommend if you can make it to the next one to go!!
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by on August 14, 2020
Sooo this week has been completely and totally covered in Different type of blessings. The week started out with my car breaking down not having a decent income and missing out on multiple opportunities, then as the week came to an end the light started to show through the darkness. I was faced with different type of opportunities but Hey here's the problem, I am greedy and selfish I like to do things that I know is going to make my family money and or happy. Now I'm not a religious person by an...
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by on August 10, 2020
This week alone has shown more reason to believe that life itself can be on big roller coaster. This week I got amazing new I would be coming up on a beautiful opportunity to make great money And I was offered a family but not both. I chose a life long family. I had angels help me and my family and prove to be there when no one else has been. Life also threw a curve ball at me by my battery and stabilitracker going out but there is light threw every storm. 
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by on July 29, 2020
The last few months have been beyond hard, the loss of my father, dear friend, and even my self. I have felt so lost and broken and I am beyond blessed to be able to be a intern for these reasons when not even my own family reached out me I had the 420 nurses community reach out and support me. I have put my pledge in to become apart of the sincity chapter! I'm apart of a world and a cannabis community of people who are uplifting honest and kind. So here's to the pledge I put in and to all the o...
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by on June 6, 2020
Happy pride!!!! Even tho this world is becoming more scary everyday I wanted to wish everyone a happy pride. For many of us this is what we wait for every year. Not the election, not Black Friday, or even thanksgiving for me it's pride. So with that being said I would like to share something very special with y'all. I'm pleased to announce that after 26 years my partner has come out as FTM trans!! I think I'm more excited for my partner lol. But with all that I really just want to stress that th...
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by on May 27, 2020
Not only does the 420Nurses allow you to be you but it educates you for your future. My son is5 years old and asked me why I smoke, I simply explained  "it's mommy's medicine so she can be the best she can for you". Now my son is beyond smart and started asking questions i wasn't ready to answer, but he did ask if he could use my medicine I explained that he couldn't smoke cause he wasn't old enough but I did tell him that "mommy's friends down at the 420Nurses have this stuff called C-B-D and i...
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by on May 21, 2020
I've been seeing a lot about people having bad days lately, I kinda just wanted to say me too.. but I also want to point out the point of .... you have to work threw it! No matter the situation you have to be strong. I know those words are easier said then done but you just gotta do it. No matter what your never alone and I feel like everyone needs to hear that, if anyone is ever having a hard day I'm always here. This is a community and I would love to be one more open arm. 
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by on May 14, 2020
Hey there all my beautiful people!! My name is Bryanna, I'm 24 years young, I am a momma, and most of all I am me!! I first discovered 420 nurses while in a abusive relationship tbh watching the videos of summer, chacha, and jimmy on tik tokߘ but it gave me the strength to see my worth since then I have been following many of the nurses religiously and I have watched as their sister hood formed. I figured all my life I had been brought down. Now there's this community that is full of women (and ...
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