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Female Born on June 20
by on June 27, 2022
When I first heard about Kai extension I knew I wanted to get them done. Not because they were the thing to do but because i thought they were going to make my morning routine easier. And let me tell you I was right! My friend Renae got certified as an aesthetition then got certified to do lashes so I decided to go to her since I know and trust her. I laid on the bed for two hours (I was one of the first people she ever did lashes on) and listened to the music she was playing, talked about life ...
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by on November 28, 2021
The past 3 months has been the biggest rollercoaster ride of my life. My great aunt, who raised me, went to the hospital with a broken ankle and ended being told she had a few days left to live. Well a few days was only actually 18 hours. After she passed I had to inform my entire family of it. I then had about an hour to figure out where her body was going to go and if she was being cremated or buried. Two days later my mom and second cousin were calling me asking if I wanted to remodel the hou...
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