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Lives in Hesperia, United States Born on April 18
by on February 21, 2017
So I went to my first 420 nurse meeting last Thursday!!! dude I drove for ever to get there but it was so worth it!! I got to see all of my beautiful friends!!! and meet new ones!!! everyone there was sooo nice!! I brought some Halfmoon holistics and dabbed everyone out and I heard a lot of really good things!!! I cant wait for the next one... maybe ill bring some sort of medicated treat!!! I love you all!! and I hope to see more of you guys at the next one!!!!!
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by on February 21, 2017
Dude I am never having kids LMAO... Im over here trying to put my 1 and a half year old niece down for a nap....... lol she is a wild child!!!! every 10 seconds she up and playing and I have to run and put her back into bed lol. she will not stop trying to play with the cat..... what to dooo... lol I havent even dabbed yet lol... kid I love you but just sleep a little!!!! please!!! she got up again right now.... and I heard her playing so I went to go put her back and she took her diaper off and...
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by on February 10, 2017
I didn't write blogs and I don't know how long it has to be but here I go LMAO... I love the 420 nurses and I am so happy to now be a part of you guys!!! It is such an honor and I cant wait to sesh with you all!!!! just to add more content Imma add some facts about me 1.) I am a cow girl 2.) I have raised cows, pigs, lambs, goats, and chickens!! 3.) I love to bake 4.) I love to crochet and knit 5.) I am self taught in knitting and crocheting 6.) and I hate hate!!!! lol I hope you all enjoyed t...
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