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by on July 23, 2018
I’ve been slightly MIA lately, and I’m sorry! Has anyone ever been or heard of Top Golf? If so yay! I love it! If not, here is a quick breakdown, QUICK, it’s a multi layer driving range with micro chipped golf balls and different targets with different points... anyways, there is usually ALWAYS a guy in a golf cart (caged) picking up the golf balls because there’s A LOT... long story short this guy kind of becomes the moving target for everyone. That’s me right now lol. But I got a cage so I’...
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by on June 20, 2018
Who is Kitty Bluntz and like what does she do and stuff? Hi everyone! <3 I’m just a little me trying to find my place in this ginormous world! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I stumbled across this cute little rainbow haired 420Nurse on Instagram - after following her and finally messaging her to ask what this was all about (let’s be real, some girls are mean and competitive no matter what) she messaged me back and was absolutely awesome! She completely inspired me and gave ...
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