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Karla aka bbylungz

Female Lives in Las vegas, Nevada, United States Born on November 13
by on March 2, 2022
Thank you everyone that came to shoot these days. I'm so glad to be apart of something that no matter what we all come together to have fun n enjoy smoking n why we started to be apart of this group!  I'm glad everyone that I met was nice n I'm thankful for all the photographers that came that day n a special thanks to Polyam y'all are seriously amazing n thank you for all the love n company!!!    i love that I got to see some of my girls!! N some née faces which I'm sorry to forget y'all's...
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by on February 23, 2022
Today was amazing decided to pop on n see what was going on with everyone.  I got to meet wonderful people and I hope to meet y'all one day.    it was really amazing to talk to moonchild n chacha again specially moon I hvent seen her face besides like what we post online n  I'm so happy to be apart of this community. I've been in a couple of chapters out here in Vegas n well I'm not in them anymore but it's all good things happen and we move on I still see a lot of the girls so it makes me h...
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by on October 14, 2021
So I got to walk a runway at the HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL 🎃  thank you Jewels Simos for making this event happen n inviting me to join again. Soooo much fun. So beside the big prize of 300 dollars there was another competition going on for best photo. Idk how many ppl entered but I won first place n I think between 15 to 20 models. The photo I entered with is the cover of this blog.  I'm so happy n blessed that the judges saw what I was invisioning when my friend/photographer @kingzphotography s...
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by on October 14, 2021
Hi my name is Karla or bbylungz_420. I would love to be hired by you guys because I'm fun, outgoing, love to talk to people. Know how to get people to come check out your product. I also know a bit about growing.  I just think this is an amazing opportunity to show everyone what I can do more in the cannabis industry but not just for me but for everyone as well. Plus I love to promote product through modeling with the product 😍  I hope to hear back from yall thank you 😊 
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by on January 17, 2021
I'm so excited to be apart of this again!!!! This time I'm taking every opportunity that comes my way. Last time we had this here in Vegas I wasn't in the same mindset n didn't push myself to be the best I can be. I didn't know what I wanted to do with modeling. I was just having a good time trying to feel confident going through a lot mentally. This time I want to do bigger n better things. Maybe even get signed by an agency n start getting gigs!!! Who knows?? 🤔 only one can dream n manifest...
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by on January 9, 2021
Hey guys I hve some exciting news I'm running for miss jet set for 2021. So far I'm in 4 th place.  N it's exciting. I never knew I could possibly be a winner n be on the cover. This would mean so much to me cuz I've always wanted to be a model but I was too short to walk on runways n shit. 2 years ago I joined this lovely group of women I call sisters n they have helped me have great opportunities. Now that I'm in an active chapter I'm so grateful for everything. Winning this would mean so much...
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by on December 30, 2020
This was our last terpy Tuesday for the year 2020. This was our secret Santa exchanged. I'm so glad for everyone that came last night to chynas house!! I wasn't having a good time before I went over there n I'm so glad I did. I got to bring my Coco Moco with me. She's my little min pin/chihuahua mix. She had a blast too cuz she met Sassy n Frank n she was kool with them which I'm so happy that she did. 😻😻  I seriously am blessed to have these girls in my life! Specially some I've known ...
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by on December 26, 2020
This was such a fun event. Got to meet cool new people with affordable things to smoke with and it wasnt just that u can also get apperal in there too from Puro Pinche Party. Got to finally meet imperfectly bluntz from instagram!!! it was so much fun!! She is so sweet i cant wait to hang out with her more often. :blush::heart_eyes: I also got to be a photographer , which is something i always wanted to give it a try. Just like modeling, I didnt know i could be good at it until one of my frien...
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by on December 21, 2020
ive been smoking for like 7 years now. i started smoking when i was 21 years old after i found out one of my closest friend passed away. His name was Kenn. he was always trying to get me to smoke with him when we would hang out but i never did. so when i found out he passed away i went to one of our mutual friends house cuz i was lowkey hella out of it. I was super devistated so i was like, you know what might as well try it now. SO I DID!! best decision ever made!!!  Cannabis isnt just a "DR...
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by on December 17, 2020
First time at twerk class was fun. I came closer to the end but still super fun. I wanna learn more moves n feel more confident in myself. I know a little on how to twerk but I definitely want to get better at it!!! Hopefully next time I'll be on time to it n start from the beginning! 😍😍 the more I practice n take videos the more it will look better!! Thank u guys for a fun event 😍
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by on December 14, 2020
Last night was fun af!!! Me and my man went to Chyna and rayne's house. Had the whole fam there plus a couple other people. We ate some bomb ass food 🍱 bbq was delicious!!!!! Plus always fun when u have a group of ppl that place never quiet lol 😂 smoked a lot of weed n enjoyed some of the sponsors company that are going to be in our 12 days till Christmas   Go check out on Instagram @420nursesvivalasvegaschapter. We are starting it today all through Christmas!!! So please go n follow...
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by on November 25, 2020
this company is traits of all traits. They go from helping u move, clean your house, and even cook for u!!! Believe me when I say their cooking is AMAZING!!!! 🤩🥰😻 they treat u like family as long as u give them the same respect as u would like to be treated. But don't we all tho!!!  Check them out and show some love whenever you are in Las Vegas and if u live in town dont be afraid to hit them up for anything u need!! Oh did I mention he makes music too!!! 💕
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