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Green MnM

Female Lives in Oxnard, California, United States Born on November 12, 1993
Green MnM
by on December 20, 2017
I never really believed in depression I always thought it's just ppl being weak minded. But as my life goes through roller coasters I've come to realize it's just life some are good some are bad but in the end we're all humans just trying to survive. From road bumps to flying colors I still hold a smile on my face to show Everyone I'm ok and I will be ok. No I'm not trying to get ppl to feel sorry for me sometimes ppl just need to express the way they feel I have no close bffs to do that with so...
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by on December 9, 2016
It was so nice yesterday hanging with all the ladies who attended the photoshoot yesterday.! It's been awhile since I hung out with some of the nurses. Seeing all them putting make up on and doing each other's hair like they've been doing all that for years together it was nice to see the bond everyone has. I grew up with boys I have 4 brothers and I was a daddy's girl so I really never did girl things I was more the type to go ride a motorcycle lets go paint balling shooting play some sports ge...
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by on August 29, 2016
So becoming an Official 420 Nurse has been on my short term goals list. It took me a lil longer than i expected in becoming official but that was my own doings. The more you dedicate yourself and the effort you put in is what makes it all come true. Im a little on the late train but i recently got ill the weekend after i became official. The docs cant find anything wrong like usual just so much pain. But im getting back in to my groove gotta put myself out there love being apart of the cannabis...
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by on August 1, 2016
So the SoCal Stoners Cup is coming up this weekend. Hoping I get to go. Since I've been trying to be more involved lately and attent all events I can ice been having a good time meeting new companies and getting to learn about new product. I've been on a mission to find the best C-B-D product for my grandma that does not contain THC because she is really sick and doctors keep diagnosising her with random stuff and I feel if she uses C-B-D it would help her so much maybe not heel her completely b...
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by on July 17, 2016
I got to attend the first Friday night sesh with my boo and my lil bro.! It was so much fun I got so lit from all the different vendors there. Got to try jade house extracts that miss boba Kush talked to me about. They were so chill and yummy. Also picked up on some medicated treats MnM donuts. 200MG bomb.! And also got a cookie brownie from sexy eds edibles.! I also got my bro and hubby to play a 420 football game.! It was so much fun smoking and dabbing also eating those tacos.!! Meeting new...
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by on July 13, 2016
So ive been a 420nurse for quite awhile now and its so much fun. I get to meet new people all the time. Ive used marijuana since i was a lil girl so its been apart of me my whole life. I know im a mother to a beautiful baby girl who takes alot of my time. But being a mother i do still and try to be apart of the 420nurses community as much as i can. Somtimes im looked bad upon because i have my daughter....in my lifestyle marijuana was normal in my family so it puts me down when ppl look at me wr...
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by on July 12, 2016
I was able to attend chalice 2016 this year. I was excited to be able to expierence what everyone talks about.! But turns out....I didn't know it was gonna be that hot and idk what happened to my body I drank so much water tried to stay hydrated as much as possible I just did not know what was going on my body was not liking the weather I could not enjoy my dabs or bong rips what so ever...Besides the heat I was so glad I was able to chill with the ladies at the 420nurses booth met so many new p...
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by on July 4, 2016
Ok so idk why but before I had a real hard time getting 5 star reviews...I've gotten bad feedback so much negativity and just made me feel like crap and when someone makes me feel angry I just say screw it all and move on...but somthing kept telling me I know I can do it.! I just gotta vibe with the right people. Not everyone is going to agree with me...I thought to myself why am I the one getting all worked up and angry at myself because they were rude or didn't want the review...? In the long ...
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by on June 27, 2016
This year Chalice is gonna be held in victorville such a random place but kinda excited to see what chalice is all about. Ive heard so many stories of chalice from other friends who have attended in the past love how its a music festival art festival all in one.! yes.!!!! count me in getting more and more involved with the cannabis community is so exciting im glad im here as a person to bring information about cannabis in a positive way. I myself am still educating my brain about marijuana becau...
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by on June 27, 2016
I got to attend the bus double cup with two other wonderful nurses, Killernikk and Tessyjean as well as Alanna taking wonderful photos of us all. I had so much fun with these ladies. We got to meet a lot of business as well as other fellow stoners. I was able to get some reviews done which was exciting. Its nice to see how other business are interested to know more about what us 420 nurses can bring. On the other hand there are some closed minded people who try and put you down, but me as a pers...
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by on May 26, 2016
I recently got to try Auntie's Edibles Chocolate cookie and humboldtvalleyfarms Space Sauce and it was so yummy. Yes you do taste the THC in the product but who doesnt like that yummy taste somtimes. I got to eat my 90-120 MG cookie with a big glass of chocolate milk of 60 MG of yummy goodness straight from humboldtvalleyfarms! (Eat at your dose) As for me i have a very high tolerance with edibles so i wasnt able to feel the effect right away and i did eat it all before i was going to bed. so by...
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by on May 26, 2016
I havent been blogging lately, so i feel the need to start expressing myself and my experience with 420nurses. We recently had a chapter meeting got to catch up with the ladies chacha summer. Also was able to see virgo (eyez tyte photography) hadnt seen her in awhile. Glad i was able to be there in welcoming Peanut in becoming an Official 420nurse. So happy for her she is such a beautiful person inside and out. I know i have been slacking on my steps in becoming Official, its so inspiring seein...
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