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Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States 29 years old
by on May 31, 2016
So here lately, I have been feeling down as life has come at me in all directions, good and bad. I have an amazing job and I'm still pushing but between the good things in life it has been one thing after another. I'm trying my best to stay positive and know that greater is coming. Just sometimes it's so hard, but I know I got this and I know good things are headed my way. They say god only gives you what you can handle so I'm leaving it in his hands. And I believe he knows my strengths and know...
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by on May 27, 2016
Oh what can I say these past months have been hetic and crazy. Both ups and downs but I have got through them. And the reason I've got through my struggles was because of cannabis. It helps with my anxiety I have and all sorts of other things! cannabis sets me free, my mind free, I feel no worry, no pain, no sadness. It's all happiness and stress free. I love being apart of the 420 nurses and this movement of cannabis and can't wait too see where we all lead too. Rock on ladies <3
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by on February 16, 2016
From a video I watched. " A lot of people are worse off than you, you know. I'm getting tired of hearing about this. Oh hunny snap out of it. You're kinda dragging me down. Can we stop with the Pitty party. You'd never talk to someone like that with cancer. Don't talk to someone like this with depression. Depression is real. Life threatening." Now my words about it; People with depression aren't seeking for attention, some just don't know how to hide it. Depression is real and is life threate...
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by on January 10, 2016
So for the past couple months, life has thrown all kinds if obstacles in my way. I have been thrown to the ground repeatedly but I have always gotten right back up. Even through the dark days, I will always look at the sunshine that it brings after. Life works in wonderful mysterious ways that we sometime can't explain or understand why. When this happens just remember to look at the beauty of it all because there will always be sunshine after rain <3
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by on December 5, 2015
So for my 21st birthday I got to celebrate it at The Rio with all my loved ones and friends including my girl @jollyjules_420!!! I had a Las Vegas themed cake which was so yummy and just beautiful. I didn't want to eat it lol!!!! I want to thank my mama for the amazing birthday I had. She made sure I had whatever I wanted. She gave me the best 21st birthday I could have asked for!!!!!! My mama was also able to get me and my friends into Night Light club at the Mandalay Bay!!! I had my own ta...
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by on October 25, 2015
Do you love Halloween? Because I know I sure do and this year I dressed up as Harley Quinn! @jollyjules_420 did my make up and it was definitely dead on and I fell in love with it! She went as the joker aka my puddin :p I absolutely love the way the photos came out and it was such an amazing and different shoot to do sense its a creepy/sexy theme. Harley and the Joker decided to take over and join the Nurses for Halloween(; This was a very fun and energetic shoot even though it was just ...
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by on October 4, 2015
So October 3rd was the 2nd annual Las Vegas hempfest and I had the pleasure of going for my first year as a 420 nurse! <3 I was anticipating as the days went by and got even more excited when the day arrived! I planned out my outfit and made sure I went to bed early to be rested!!! I Woke Up Ready for hempfest!!! When I arrived I could instantly smell the beautiful cannabis<3 I could see all the happy and smiling beautiful faces! It was such a rush entering the gates and watching all the vendors...
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by on October 2, 2015
What can I say I love October and everything about it! Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays!!! I love the Disney Halloween movies that come on and I especially love the horror movies that come on. This is the time where it starts to get windy and cold and you can just feel the seasons changing <3 I love that I can start drinking hot chocolate and chill in my sweats and watch movies all night<3 I have a lot of plans this month and I'm super excited for them! Too start it off Me and ...
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by on September 29, 2015
I just wanted to say I'm really proud and happy to be apart of the growing vegas chapter and im so excited for all the new girls I see that are joining that are in Vegas <3 I'm so lucky to be apart of this growing chapter and get to see it grow<3 all the girls are really fun and down to earth and we're one big team here in vegas <3 I've gotten so close to some of the girls already and I love that I'm apart of this amazing movement and can't wait to see the rest of my journey with the nurses and ...
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by on September 24, 2015
Remember nothing is ever a free handout, I know we all wish this could be true lol but its not. But because of you working hard that is what creates the passionate personality some people have. I have seen people who have worked hard and are way more passionate about their hobby or their job than someone getting everything for free. Put love into your work <3 and never take anything for granted. Be the best you can be and never give up! Life is crazy and hard sometimes but that's why you climb ...
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by on September 24, 2015
Hello all <3 Last weekend, I got too meet two new interns here in Las Vegas (: and we all got to meet each other and had a wonderful journey plus photo shoot <3 what I love most is that we did a journey together and discovered something new in Las Vegas, the caves! It was such an amazing place and good vibes everywhere<3 It was super exciting and fun shooting with those lovely ladies <3 I'm so glad to be apart of this vegas chapter and am so excited that we have new girls joining!!! I love meeti...
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by on August 13, 2015
So I know a lot of us stoners smoke to get high of course lol and a lot of us smoke for the pain we may have or the anxiety we may have. I know I smoke everyday because of the pain I experience. The pain gets so bad it feels like sharp knives jabbing into my ovaries. Besides the fact of it helping with pain, I also love the high feeling I get when I smoke to get high. My body instantly gets filled and rushed with peace and a joyful adrenaline. When I'm high, I'm not so on edge; one time I litera...
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