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by on August 21, 2017
*I lost the draft & just found it so that's why its a #latepost !* I had fun! At 1st I felt so lost & wtf, but everything turned out cool. I met Gucci, who was really sweet & let me know a little about what I should even do with myself lol. Hella lost! I checked in with the rest of the nurses upstairs & thought about buying more stuff. Then just decided to go and mingle outside. The place was crowded & there were a lot of vendors. So I decided to go around introducing myself to a lot of them...
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by on August 17, 2017
I usually go for a yummy Sativa-Hybrid w/some smooth body feels like a Strawberry Lemonade or Watermelon. But when I wake up feeling ansty & had my coffee before my weed (so I'm jittery) like I did today I gotta go with an Indica-Hybrid like anything mixed w/ Cookies or lately been loving that Bickey's Revenge!
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by on August 16, 2017
So! It seems as though going to my very 1st Friday Night Sesh has already been a good move for me I've been plucked to be a promoter for the S&MJane Adult Sesh Event happening next Thursday 8/24 in DTLA. And at 1st I was like this is way too short notice I cannot sell any tickets in time wtf. Super discouraging thinking right?! So I vanquished those thoughts from my mind real quick & decided to hurry the fuck up & just email them back to say 'yes I'm down to promote'! But I didn't wanna jump in...
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by on August 8, 2017
So I'm already loving being a part of the 420Nurse community! I met the main Nurses & they're all down to earth, funny & super welcoming. After introductions we did a quick little photoshoot with my new gear. Then I had the pleasure of enjoying a nice dab rip from their super cute lil ice cream looking rig I did my intro video in 1 take! *insert sunglasses emoji* Then I couldn't leave without picking up some sweet ganja leaf leggings.. I went for the dark colored ones cuz I'm thinkin' fall colo...
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by on August 8, 2017
So I just got here to 420Nurses HQ & I think this is me writing my 1st blog, yay! I like how cute & clean the front area is like a cute lil sexy lingerie boutique, but for stoner chicks. I dig it. I can already see what fun lil outfits I'm gonna wanna wear :-P
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