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Female Lives in Long beach, California, United States Born on January 10
by on November 12, 2015
Last weekend i had the chance to travel to Las Vegas to promote for 360products at the SEMA show. I had never worked a car show before so I didn't really know what to expect. As 360 models, we had a friendly competition where if someone spotted us and posted a picture with us or the product and posted it, would enter to win a basket full of the 360 products. We got to network and take a bunch of pictures with cool cars. We worked all 3 days at the SEMA show and each day was just as fun. We han...
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by on September 15, 2015
A couple days ago I had the chance to experience the very first CannaCruise. I was so excited to be a part of something different. When I got there I heard the news that we were not going to be allowed to medicate or bring any medicine on the boat. It was pretty disappointing but I was still looking forward to the experience and to network. We boarded and we were greeted with champagne and delicious shrimp. The boat was so big and beautiful it had 4 floors! I walked around with a few of the nurs...
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by on July 22, 2015
A couple weekends ago I was able to go to Chalice . I had never been to anything like it so I didn't really know what to expect . It was such a long trip and it was so hot but we medicated on the way so it was all good . I got there and it was like heaven ! Music , glass , concentrates and flowers , beautiful girls ! Lol it was perfect . I got to walk around with a couple other nurses from the Long Beach Chapter . We did a lot of networking . Met a lot of cool people in different booths . They a...
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by on July 2, 2015
A few days ago I met up with the rest of the ladies from the Long Beach chapter and headed out to Corona Del Mar . The beautiful Angela Mazzanti was hosting a beach shoot out . A lot of different models and photographers were there . It was a beautiful beach full of beautiful people and awesome vibes . It was cool being able to network . I met a lot of different people with amazing personalities . Everyone was so friendly and accepting . We had a smoke out too . Summer was even kind enough to gi...
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by on June 9, 2015
I had my first photo shoot yesterday ! I must admit I was super nervous , and I'm sure it showed . I felt so rushed running around preparing all day ! I got my outfit ready , headed over to make up , and finally the set . It was so cold shooting out on the coast late on a gloomy dAy but I was determined . I rolled up an extendo and tried to relax . I found it was so much fun once you start to calm down . I can't wait to see the final results and I definitely can't wait to shoot again
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by on June 1, 2015
I didn't realize that there's so many girls out there as passionate about medical marijuana as I am . About 3 weeks ago I first heard of the 420nurses . I decided to see for myself what the fuss was about so I went to the meeting at headquarters . I was so shocked when I walked into the room . So many beautiful , friendly , and educated ladies joined together for a good cause . Right away I knew I wanted to be a part of it . Nothing but good vibes in that room . Being a 420nurse to me is about m...
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