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Amber Lynne

Female Born on February 20
Amber Lynne
by on October 6, 2020
I avoided photos. If a camera came out, I stepped away just in case. For just over 30 years, I never liked to be in or see photos of me. Life was not happy or fulfilling, so holding onto memories where I was in life, held no appeal. I lost about 85 pounds and liked how I looked better, but still hated photos. (mild trigger warning, I mention the stab wounds in next paragraph) Then life came crashing down. I was a human puddle of misery and despair for about two years after my only brother ...
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by on September 21, 2020
Becoming a 420Nurses Chapter President has already been fanastic. I had been searching for ways to help the talented and determined ladies who come to me for help or advice on their photos or following. Then I found this network! Seeing everyone find the way they fit in, seeing how much fun we can have while we build, seeing the difference we can make pulling together in times like these... I could not wait to get more info and make a plan to join! Everyone has extra challenges right now. Nob...
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by on May 12, 2020
Now that I have started 420NursesChicagolandHeathens, it appears time I share a bit more. I am not very good at navigating social media or electronic things, so the lovely MysteryMoonchild has had to really walk me through every step.. Very grateful to have a network of amazing ladies with me now! Things have been rough for a few years, but they are getting better than they have ever been and I am excited to move forward. We have this, an amazing following for our Heathen Soles/ fetish content, ...
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