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posted by Toke_a_Bella on May 23 @ 9:21pm
I had the pleasure of sampling Platinum Cookies by them. Not only am I a huge Indica girl, but this just happens to be a favorite strain of mine! The dense nugs and stickiness to them where on point! The sweet taste after a fat rip off my steamroller was perfect for a relax time. If your looking for a couch-lock Indica, here ya go! I smoked half a blunt to myself before bed last night, and I had a very muscle relaxing drift off to sleep that you look for in an Indica. I can wait to try more...
posted by ChaChaVaVoom on May 22 @ 2:26pm
They Now carry RED DRAGON CLEAR Syringes
posted by graacie graace on May 21 @ 8:49pm
Must try smokers heaven if you want your weed to last!!
posted by Acinonyx rex on May 21 @ 8:38pm
Lind's Hair and Nails wasn't always that. It started out with just Linda about 17 years ago when she was renting a chair in a salon. She saved up, took extra shifts, and worked super hard to open up her shop. Which I'm pleased to say is in its ninth year of business!! I've been going to Linda since I first started dying my hair. She fixed all my hack jobs and mad me happy again. She had taken out and put in literally every color of the rainbow. Linda is a hard worker who achieved her dream, a...
posted by 420feelgoodfairy on May 18 @ 7:27pm
Just had some of your yummy concentrate at the 420 chapter meeting and It was perfect for my pain.
posted by Smoking Sista on May 18 @ 4:11am
Great customer service from bud tender/manager Peter. Good dude. Great prices for the meds there!
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posted by taliehaze on May 17 @ 7:31pm
By far the BEST Medicated Candy on the market! She has Gummy Bears, Lunar Ropes, and Cotton Candy that comes in an assortment of Rainbow Colors and Flavors, keeps this girl Happy and High!
posted by ChaChaVaVoom on May 17 @ 2:53pm
Amazing local active chapter must follow and support!
posted by Acinonyx rex on May 15 @ 6:43am
Up and Smoke is always on top of their game. They've got the coolest glassware and the most up to date items in the industry. Plus the knowledge to explain anything. They rock.
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:54pm
Miyagi started out in 2011 as a hobby and later on became a full time glass blower in 2013. He makes some of the most Gorgeous pendants I have Ever seen and his collabs are also Highly Incredible. I would recommend his services to Anyone looking for quality!
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:38pm
Whenever Terp Slerp is at Friday Night Sesh I know my sesh is going to be 20x better. I usually love getting the Blue Raspberry lemonade with Extra nerds. They have New Mango slush so I Definitely need to try that soon!!
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:33pm
This man can spit some Incredible lines that will give you chills! I had the privilege of meeting him at Friday Night Sesh where he preformed and it was by far one of the best sets I've seen in a Very Very long time! I Highly recommend booking him for your next upcoming event!
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:27pm
Colorful Shirts, Funky Feels and Positive Vibes, this company takes pride in not only their clothing but the way they run their company! With vibrant colors and soft threads this has By Far gotta be my Favorite hippy gear.
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:21pm
Holy Crap, @Badmothafuckajay makes some Flavorful LemonAid!! It comes in Three Tasty flavors; Classic Lemonade, Strawberry and new Raspberry. With 200MG of THC and 30MG of CBD, it will bring you a nice body high without feeling tired after drinking the bottle!
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:13pm
One of my Favorite Medicated Candy companies, you crave medicated taffy? Then Original Candy Slabz has you covered!! Not only are there an array of flavors and colors but the deals he has on his 1000 mg taffy slabz are INCREDIBLE!! I received a Cherry medicated slab as a gift and WOW did I have a Fantastic Christmas!
posted by taliehaze on May 13 @ 7:06pm
During most events I look for the Fresh Fruit cart for my tasty treats. With a combination of Watermelon, Mango, Coconut, Jicama, Cucumber along with lime and my favorite part, the Tajin it truly saves your sesh and your wallet!
posted by BlueDream on May 13 @ 1:28am
posted by Acinonyx rex on May 12 @ 3:53am
Purple Lotus is all about its patients. They have a daily deal each day of the week! Where they impress me is they come through week after week and no they don't stop there. Purple Lotus is out in the community raising awareness/donating/ and even walking for different charities. They give back to those in need. They treat you professionally and warmly everytime you come in. It's a bad day changer for sure. No matter which way you go, you won't be dissatisfied. If you go inside you get to be ...
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posted by AmandaRose408 on May 11 @ 7:41pm
Supporter of the Aptos420Nurses Chapter!!! We LOVE this new upcoming brand out of SC County ;) Super fire strain mix of banana OG and ghost face OG, this product tests out at 30% THC by SC Labs and over 87% THC with their wax! Hits hard and smooth....definitely recommend it to all you 420Nurses!
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posted by Psilocybin_ on May 10 @ 8:36pm
I shot a set with Luis for Suicide Girls a couple years ago and he was more than a pleasure to work with! So chill, respectful, and funny, he has the ideal personality for a photographer, in my opinion! I enjoyed every minute of working with him, which was during a shoot fest for SG hopefuls that a hosted. He shot incredible sets for each of us girls during the shoot fest, and we all got to hang out and get to know each other. He has so much great experience in so many kinds of photography, h...
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posted by Psilocybin_ on May 10 @ 8:30pm
This weed was a seriously bomb smoke! They hooked me up with 6 different samples of their product to review, and heres what I thought! ~CHEM TANGY: A bit of bite to the nose, and insanely dense nugs, this one will instantly hit you when you take a toke. A heady stoned, this one is great for unwinding after work! ~LEMON TANGY: This one has a very light smell, and again, a very dense sticky nug. The taste is super potent with a recognizable Lemon hint. A mellow head high, its great for focusi...
posted by Psilocybin_ on May 10 @ 6:09pm
I've been shopping at Funk-N-Flash since I was just a little mushie spore. I remember my first tiem wandering into their shop... I'd never felt so at home in a clothing store! I spent my entire first paycheck, and many after, in my high school years. To this day, a majority of my modeling wardrobe has been purchased at this store. They have everything you could possibly need for that funky side! Utilibelts, tails, hula-hoops, Heels, Acid Raver, Burner, and Psychedelic style clothing, THEY HAV...
posted by Psilocybin_ on May 10 @ 12:27am
I have been coming to Compassionate Health Care for my Medical Marijuana Scripts since day #1! I've always been a patient of Compassionate Health, and I've always loved it! No matter the location or doctor, working with this company has always been more than a pleasure! I'm so pumped to bring them into the 420 Nurses network, and show some of that love i have for the company! Make sure you check out the sweet discount their offering for anyone recommended by a 420 Nurse!
posted by snowhitewidow on May 4 @ 2:12am
I loved the smell and taste of this wax! I tried a sample and I need to get my hands on some more! The aroma was so fragrant and flowery. Just how I like it. This wax is the color of gold and looks very clean. I would definitely recommend this product to medicate (:
posted by Kaleidoscope Eyes on May 3 @ 1:55am
Really good stuff and I like the service
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