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posted by Elf.styx on June 23 @ 9:56pm
posted by lovelylely on June 18 @ 11:33am
Gold Members always cares for their patents. I'm not much of a dabber myself and I like knowing about my products I put in my body as many know everyone reacts differently to medications, with that said they gave me reason as to why they like their product an why I should try out. The team had me laughing as I got ready to try there extract I asked if they made sure it to give me just enough to not get to medicated and boy did they really delivering a smooth hit and a great high I love catchi...
posted by KushKitten on June 17 @ 8:26pm
Not only are their extracts purely amazing as everyone knows... So are the people behind GoldMembers Extracts!Shouting out a special thank you for dabing out everyone at the 420nurses meeting
posted by Terp City girl on June 17 @ 5:07pm
I use CBD a LOT! And CBD Integrity is probably the BEST CBD Company I'v tried so far! I'd recommend this brand to anyone who needs CBD medically on a daily basis or even to someone who wants to try CBD for the first time. All they're products are lab tested and legit! After trying the CBD Integrity CBD Tincture, CBD Rubs, CBD capsules, CBD Tea, Raw CBD, CBD E Liquid and CBD Crystals heres what I think; The CBD Tincture comes in 100 MG, 200 MG and 500 MG options and the Mocha and Blueberry/Va...
posted by _cloud_queen_ on June 16 @ 11:27am
I love goldmember extracts yesterday they were at the 420 nurses chapter meeting and I tried emoji og and ninepound they are awesome people and super friendly not to mention all their product is awesome. Cant wait to see them at Friday night sesh
posted by IndieValentine on June 16 @ 10:30am
Definitively a collective to check out! they have the most amazing selection! I was referred to this dispensary by a friend and have loved it ever since! I highly recommend!
posted by IndieValentine on June 16 @ 10:26am
Highly recommend this smoke shop! They have beautiful pieces for reasonable prices, they have a few unique glass pieces as well. They are negotiable on prices and sometimes give you a free gift. Check them out if your ever in the South bay area!
posted by IndieValentine on June 16 @ 10:21am
I have been going to this collective for years! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dispensary!!!!!!!! Immediately when you enter your greeted by the staff, super friendly and welcoming! They have specials EVERYDAY! they have days like "Taco Tuesdays" or "Pizza Fridays" they sometimes give samples of their products (If you come in at the right time) They have a wide selection of Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, Teas, Wax pen refills, they also have pipes, clothing, 14k gold papers, the list keeps going! C...
posted by IndieValentine on June 16 @ 10:08am
Definitely a chapter to follow and support! North bay chapter is full of awesome babes who are ready to learn and get involved in any event your having! They are super supportive to each other and also very welcoming. If you ever join this chapter they will accept you with open arms! Chapter leader is stellar! she is highly knowledgeable on what shes doing, She knows tons of photographers, and companies to work with and always leads you to victory! Psilocybin will make sure your 420 nurses ca...
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posted by pinkythepothead on June 15 @ 4:55pm
what an absolutely amazing group of ladies! I couldn't be happier to see this awesome chapter growing by the minute!
Urban Oil
posted by pinkythepothead on June 15 @ 2:49pm
Personally I LOVE this product it is in all 8 of my pieces and I am constantly telling everyone about it. My flower piece has never stayed as clean as it has since Urban Oil has become part of my life!
posted by HappyKat.o42o. on June 12 @ 5:11pm
Fastest delivery ive found in butte county. Knowledgeable friendly staff. Lots and lots of freebies! Check out their weedmaps page for deals!
posted by Cueen_Mar on June 12 @ 10:29am
I honestly love these rad on the go bowls! Awesome for road trips or any outing that you need to pack lightly for!
Cali Plug
posted by Psilocybin_ on June 11 @ 1:38pm
Cali Plug absolutely lives up to it's name! They had some of the most fire bud at the Nor Cal Cannabis Cup at their booth, and by far the biggest selection! They were more than welcoming to the North Bay Chapter girls and flagged us down to show us their stuff! I got a sample of their Forbidden fruit, my personal favorite strain, and oh boy was I impressed! They even had some peach rings, another edible I've been itching to get my hands on! The rings were spot on with flavor, and the best aft...
posted by Psilocybin_ on June 11 @ 11:07am
I had the pleasure of stopping by the Kyle Kushman booth at the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup and getting to meet some of the team! They were all so welcoming and friendly, ready to talk about their product in such a down to earth, but educated manner! I was gifted some Gorilla Glue #4 to sample, and I must say, it was my go to wake-and-bake weed this whole week after the event! It has a light, focused buzz that lets you stay on task, and keeps you mellow. The nugs are dense, and frosty with...
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posted by Daberella on June 6 @ 11:43am
Such a great product!! I remember first meeting The Purestar team at Abracadabs and I instantly fell in love when they added their own special touch to this amazing medicated syrup based drink! Which consisted of a sour rope candy and Mexican liquid candy! So much flavor! On top of the 9 different flavors they have already:D i was definitely medicated to say the least after I downed the whole 200mg! I was bummed thinking I wasn't going to see them again but then they started setting up their ...
posted by brewiththetree on June 4 @ 4:09pm
Organic Solutions has been my main source for medicine since I moved to North County. Recently changed from a dispensary to a delivery service, but continues to offer unbelievable deals and dank product! Their store front is now a full stocked glass shop with everything essential for a great sesh. They also sell tons of different 420 fashion accessories, cute shirts, hats, etc. Organic Solutions has extremely knowledgeable staff. Bud tenders/drivers are personable, and never rush your ord...
posted by pinkythepothead on June 2 @ 11:12am
posted by GanjaMomma on June 2 @ 10:26am
Dragon Extracts Super OG Sugar had me flying! I love this product! Thank you and I will be back for more!
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posted by HoneyBlunts on May 31 @ 7:26pm
Went on an ADVENTURE to the 420Nurse Headquarters and i got to taste a delicious glob of Red Dragon Extracts Super OG Sugar. Thank you and i will be stopping by soon for more !
posted by Psilocybin_ on May 29 @ 4:35pm
I have totally loved all of Ryan's glass art since I first stumbled upon his instagram page! My girls in the North Bay Chapter and I are so excited to be promoting his art more, make sure to check out his etsy and see what he's got!
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posted by Acinonyx rex on May 28 @ 5:52pm
This chapter is an amazing group of ladies. They are all so nice and inviting, and help one another. Plus we have a share of love for this incredible plant.
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posted by Cueen_Mar on May 28 @ 10:57am
This chapter is full of fun loving, driven and energetic women! The chapter leader has a fountain of knowledge! These girls are always ready to take on anything!
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posted by Psilocybin_ on May 27 @ 10:18pm
Every last girl in this chapter is just as passionate and driven as the last! Definitely an up and coming group of babes that're out to make shit happen! SO proud!
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posted by Acinonyx rex on May 26 @ 1:18pm
I had the chance to try a new strain through Mendo Sour Power. I had never tried platinum cookies before!!! The aroma hit me first, a real wood and earthy smell blasted me the second I opened to car door to bring things inside the house. Dank. When I first got to open the bag, there it was that woody, earthy smell. But after sinking my nose in the bag, I could smell the sutle undertones of sweetness. Almost like a fruit, very soft, very a finishing note. Then I got to try it!!! Oh my. F...
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