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posted by Rain Rose on October 20 @ 6:59pm
*PERSONAL NOTE TO EL JEFE: I would like to take a moment to express how much I greatly appreciate you and all of your consideration, cooperation, generosity, patience, time, effort, love, support, encouragement, and trust. All that of which you bestowed upon me, while granting me the cosmic opportunity to write this humble, and informative review for your company/product(s). Thank You Very Much and Kindly!* I have had the honor, the pleasure and the privilege, to meet, greet, and interv...
posted by Sexysookie420 on October 16 @ 3:05pm
Im in love with their candy!! omg they have a CBD candy & THC candy its really a great treat !!!!
posted by RoxiDrops on October 13 @ 11:31pm
I use younique moisturizer everyday and it leave my skin feel baby soft!
posted by Gucci Montana on October 10 @ 4:49pm
I got the chance to not only work with Kush Mobile But i also had the pleasure of tasting their amazing stran of Gorilla Glue. I recommended as a day-ending strain — a “nightcap”. The aroma is a woodsy, earth-like aroma, while the Caryophyllene provides hints of pepper and spice. The overall flavor profile is accentuated by its lemon diesel flavor when exhaled. A delicate balancing act between potency and sweetness As the joint burns slowly, each hit gets more delectable the closer you get ...
posted by Alanna420 on October 6 @ 2:10pm
Extremely friendly atmosphere, the best prices and customer service. Carrying the best products around and with a huge selection. Every time I’ve come in Lupe has made my experience a 5 Star experience, just with her knowledge alone. She is extremely knowledgeable and will help new growers!
posted by GanjaMomma on October 5 @ 5:48pm
I can't get enough of those Beezy Bars!!
posted by Alanna420 on October 5 @ 2:49am
Wide Variety of bongs, pipes, rigs, blunt wraps, accessories and much more. I bought my favorite glass pipe from here. My pipe is shaped like a mushroom and it gets very smooth hits!
posted by Alanna420 on October 5 @ 1:59am
Huge variety of glass pipes, bongs, Hookahs and accessories at very affordable prices. With fast and friendly service!
posted by Alanna420 on October 3 @ 9:22pm
Huge selection of high quality glass bongs, pipes, rigs and accessories. Everything you need in one place, plus friendly quick service
posted by Golden_Clouds on September 27 @ 8:33pm
Grandma'a Sea Salt Caramels are unlike any other caramel candy that I have had. Instead of being hard and sticky, the SCC caramel was chewy and immediately started to dissolve in my mouth as I chewed. At 20mg a cube they are the the perfect snack if you are craving something sweet. I also really like how they come in packs of five so you can chose to microdose yourself, share with a group or just consume the whole 100mg on your own.
posted by Golden_Clouds on September 27 @ 8:13pm
The Purple Dream by Transcendent Pharms is pull and snap shatter that is an amazing appetite stimulator. Perfect for when the stress of the day starts to pile up on you and you feel like you don't need to eat. Trust me, one dab of this and you'll be ready for food and eventually ready to finish your day strong. The grandaddy purple's earthy taste was preserved well in this 50/50 hybrid.
posted by Golden_Clouds on September 27 @ 8:01pm
In this fast paced life we all live, it can feel like stress and anxiety are keeping you from being your best self. Weather you're looking for a cerebrally uplifting wake n' bake, a way to relax on your lunch break, or decompressing from along day of making moves Golden State Farmz has got you covered. Their Super Silver Haze has a light taste but hits you right in the temple to start melting your stress away. You can taste the cleanliness along with hints of earthy tones. Super Silver Haze h...
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posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 2:40pm
As a chronic pain patient these are perfect for me! The gummies are my favorite with each gummie containing 30mg of CBD they help with my pain so much
posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 2:31pm
I absolutely love my PEG Free Vape Kit!! This product is amazing and easy to use. Check them out Today!
posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 2:19pm
I used to think that it was an extreme luxury when someone had a service that came in to clean your home. But with Handy not only to I get the best quality in service but it's totally affordable!! Sometimes we don't get the time we really need to clean our homes how they should be and are trustworthy enough to come and clean while you are away. I love coming home from work to a clean home
Savvy Sox
posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 1:33pm
I love my tropical floral print socks from Savyy Sox!! They have suck a wide variety of prints!! Go get yours today
posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 1:22pm
Hands down my New Favorite smoking accessory
posted by JordynRose on September 20 @ 1:12pm
What amazing glass. Not only is their product quality so is their customer service! It was a pleasure learning about this company and trying out their glass. I love the hand piece that I received and I know you'll enjoy all they have to offer
posted by cloudxqueen on September 19 @ 6:08pm
so yummy and still hits you hard.
posted by cloudxqueen on September 19 @ 6:06pm
Red dragon is the best my absolute favorite wax my go to i feel like im writing a love song about wax but its really that good
posted by ChaChaVaVoom on September 18 @ 6:22pm
I LOVE MAMAGANJA EDIBLES :) They are so tasty and potent and so many choices!! Great if you prefer not to smoke or cant smoke the best way to stay High and incognito 300mg of fun in each package treat!
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posted by Lori Sparks on September 13 @ 1:20am
super blessed to be a part of this new Sin City Chapter. Cant wait to see what theres in store for us
posted by SamanthaHorror on September 11 @ 7:59pm
Why does Emogi OG deserve 5 stars? I believe it deserves 5 stars because of how incredible their product is, but not only that; their staff is always so smiley and ready to dab you out! I love how fun they made this company and I seriously cannot wait to see them get bigger and bigger with success. Catch them every Friday at FridayNightSesh!
posted by BlueDream on September 11 @ 7:36pm
the gummies are divine.
1 of 1 users found this review helpful.
posted by Summer Rain on September 11 @ 6:43pm
Amazing glass artist based out of California, Id recommend this artist for any customs, or amazing unique glass you might be looking for !
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